Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

November 29, 2010

Aug 23/30 or Sept 6

"Hey fam! well this week we had the baptism of ubaldo, that was awesome... he and his family are one of the coolest stories i have on the mission... ( think i told you about them) but yeah the inactive family and we came and the spirit told us to promise her that if she came back to church and put her life in order that her husband will get baptized! well the Lord completed our promise! it is awesome! their family has changed so much! they{re still a little bit crazy lol but gettin better...
also today on the way here a tire blew on the bus and i was sitting like right over it so it scared the crap out of me cuz i was like half a sleep... but yeah so then we had to wait on the side of the road for a while until another bus came to pick us up.. .lame! but yeah here we are we made it all safe and sound! also we found a kind of snake this week i havent seen yet! i will send pix of it in a minute! i acutally have lots of pix to send this week!
so we had another REALLY challenging week! silviá, the one with the abusive father fell....something happened and when we called her to set up an appointment she said she didnt want anything from us anymore, which is CRAZY cuz she was SO SO SO excited! i have no clue what happened but she wont even talk to us so who knows... also Mar, (girlfriend of the ex missionary) came and we had a lesson with her and she is golden golden golden but the only problem is she is taking a course for 8 weeks that is saturday and sunday... so she doesnt want to get baptized right now and then inactivate for like two months so we are going to wait until the 1st of november which is lame cuz im almost sure i wont still be here in carrillo in november(I SURE HOPE NOT! ) also almost none of our investigators came to church AGAIN... except for giselle, but she cant get baptized either cuz she has to ask permission from her parents and they are crazy catholics and she is scared.. so we basically have nothing!!! last night we were both REALLY frustrated and my comp and I got in a dumb fight which just made things worse... but today we're a little better.... all we can do is keep working...."
Elder Eddington

Hey fam! i don`t know how much sense this letter will make, cuz last night we didnt sleep... we had to travel to chetumal in the middle of the night for a early morning meeting.. .then this morning i got REALLY REALLY SICK!! i have honestly never had diarhea like this in my life! it is so ridiculous i also have had a fever all day! but dont worry im on a constant supply of tylenol and pepto pills... and yes mom, if i don`t feel better in the morning, i will call the mission president`s wife... lol i have no clue what i ate but there is another elder in our district with the same thing... uggghh

so this week we blanked bringing investigators to church again, so we were pretty disanimated (i dont know if that is a word in english or not... i think it is.. bueno in spanish it is desanimado and means like.. upset, or not excited lol)
in our district meeting today it was about just keep moving forward and the Lord will bless us... the Lord is SERIOUSLY TRYING ME RIGHT NOW.. .with the sickness, the probs with the comp(which are fixed) and the lack of success, its been pretty rough, but all we can do is keep going with faith....the brothers of Ammon were locked in a prison for months while Ammon was out baptizing entire cities, and they didn`t whine, so i guess i will be ok! haha

Well, that's about it for this week. The day after tomorrow is the independence day here, so there is all kinds of crazy stuff going on here.... I can honestly say, without being racist, that when there are holidays here the ENTIRE COUNTRY gets drunk.. it is so ridiculous! I am so sick of dealing with drunk people... also in our ward we have like 9 couples that can't get baptized cuz they´re not married!

I have learned lots of valuable things on the mission ... most importantly
2. marry your wife!


Also this morning running out of the house to catch our 3:45 bus... I ran out, slammed the door and smashed my finger in the door.. I`m smart.. lol so my fingers are all bloody and swollen but they will be alright cuz im typing ok with them...

Elder Eddington

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