Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

November 30, 2010

9/20/2010 "wow! well, where do i start?

well this week we worked our butts off, brought new people to church and found new investigators, had some way cool experiences...

with one investigator named Julio we were reading the Book of Mormon with him... we were reading in 1 Nephi chapter 2 ... the power of the Book of Mormon amazes me! something really cool happened! how many times have we as members of the church read 1st nephi? like a bajillion times right ? well as we were reading something popped out at me i had never even seen before! its when Lehi and his family, after traveling for 3 days in the desert, the FIRST thing that Lehi does is stop, build an altar, and give thanks to the Lord! wow!!! after all he went through the first thing that went through his mind was to thank the Lord!! we started talking about that with Julio and it really brought the spirit to the lesson!! SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!! THERE IS SO MUCH THERE!!!!

so anyways last night my comp and I were chilling in the house, (I think I was laying in my hammock reading Jesus the Christ) when we got a phone call from our district leader informing us that today I would be heading for Merida to an area called Esperanza and Elder Nichols to Cancun area Kabah(the area i started at) AAAHH!!! hahah Merida is at the other end of the mission again! so i got to ride in a bus for 6 hours today! my area is SO CRAZY!!! i think when i was in Merida before I failed to realize just how ridiculously huge this city is(i was way in the north before) but anyways, this area is DOWNTOWN Merida!!! IT IS SO CRAZY!!! I FEEL LIKE IN LIKE TIMES SQUARE!!! I went from a hole in a rock in the jungle to downtown Merida! lol but I am pretty excited... know why? CUZ THEY FINALLY GAVE ME ANOTHER MEXICAN COMP!! lol his name is Elder Martinez, and he has 8 months in the mission... Elder Lucero, the old comp of Martinez, is going home in 3 days, and is here showing me the ropes of this area(when ever an elder gets changed to an area to be senior comp they have to hand over keys phone, etc... )

so all is good here, im excited to work in this new area!!!! love all of you!!!"

Elder Eddington


"hey fam!!! well this week has been pretty good.. Elder Lucero went home, but he ended his mission good! on thursday night an old investigator called us and told us that she wanted to talk to us! we met her at the church and she said that a bunch of stuff has happened in her life and that she wants to change and she is ready to get baptized! she is so awesome! her date is for the 9th of October.

Also while while walking down the street the other night we saw a guy sitting outside his house so we went and contacted him... he is a 66 year old man who was an alcoholic his entire life... he left it about 16 years ago but because of it they had to take out one of his kidneys and now his other one is failing so he is on dialysis... he has been preserved by the Lord for us to teach him.. the first appointment he accepted to be baptized... he told us..."i know that your church is true... and i am going to baptize, not because you want me to, but because i really want to change!" he is so amazing! he came to church with us Sunday and he said he felt like he was in his house.. he is awesome.. his name is Jose... he has alot of health problems and no money so pray for him eh? he is awesome!

so life here the first week was pretty crazy but fun.. my companion is from Cuernavaca(state to the east of mexico city) he is cool... he is crazy and likes to have fun just like me but he also works hard when its time to work... so we`re doin pretty good! we are super super excited for conference this week! conference is a super awesome way to get people into the church so pray for us that we can bring a ton of people in there ok? it is pretty crazy speaking Spanish 24 hours... also I am the only American in my district... so I will not be speaking english for some time...

lol there is a lot of super super super rich members here who always send us pizza already paid to our house... we are getting fat... not good!

we played basketball today and it was my first time in a ton of months but I actually played really good... it was like I picked up where I left off... (does that make sense?) I'm not really sure how phrases in english work anymore!"

Elder Eddington

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