Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

August 19, 2010

Aug. 16, 2010

"Well this week has been pretty good... Elder Nichols and I got to the house and got all settled and then we got to work... we had a baptism this week and that was pretty awesome... we also had to go to Chetumal on Wednesday for zone conference.. which was AWESOME!! I got the package with the pants, shoes and shirts! Thanks a ton mom!

Well let´s just say my comp and I aren't the best of friends... he is a great missionary but very very very very very controlling and very obsessive compulsive about everything... it's ok though we will work hard, that's for sure... we are like completey opposite people... at first I pouted but I realize now the Lord is just giving me another oppurtunity to learn patience and humility! lol I miss Elder Rose!
My skin got really really bad this week so I had to buy some random pills and stuff that was not fun... but it looks like its gettting a little bit bettter... the mission president thinks that I have psoriasis... not good! He say if it's not completely cleared up in a week I have to go to Cancun to a dermatologo.. not fun either... lol but it's starting to look a little bit better!
So we were knocking doors the other day and this guy told us to come in... I felt inspired by the spirit and I said... "the Lord has sent us here to your home to help you. What do you need?" he opened right up and told us he has been an alcoholic his whole life... my comp all of a sudden said "will you prepare to be baptized by someone holding the authority of God?" I looked at him like, are you crazy!? But the guy accepted! The problem is we´re kind of strugglin with him... he isn't completing with his commitments (expected from an addict) so pray for him lots.. his name is Victor... we only had one investigator in the church this week so that was kind of a bummer... but the one we brought is awesome!! He is getting baptized the 4th of September! His name is Hubaldo.

Well that's about all that happened this week ...
I am at a year!!! Can't believe it! Hope the second year is even better than the first!!
PS - tell everyone if they write me it has to be through the pouch, not the mission adress or I never get it... Tell them I want some written letters too!"

Elder E

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