Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

November 30, 2010

October 11, 2010

"Hey fam! sounds like your week was awesome! this week was pretty cool here too... we had the batpism of the hermana Gabriela.. it was awesome! in the baptismal service one of the families of our ward sang a hymn in harmony and their dad played the guitar it was awesome! I'm back in my own area now I only went Thursday and Friday and came back for the baptizm... but i got to teach Elder Sosa, the kid from the other area alot, and i learned from him too..(he has 4 months just barely) so that was fun... also José is getting baptized this week, he is SO awesome! I forgot to tell you guys but he was a professional wrestler(a famous one here in mexico) his name was doctor misterio... lol pretty funny.. he acutally showed us his mask the other day. but he is way excited for his baptism.. and so so so humble! this guy reads the Book of Mormon 2 to 4 chapters a week man!!! its nuts!
so this morning we had a pretty crazy experience.. we got up early and went running around the block a few times.. well we had just turned the corner to go back to the house when an old volkswagen beetle came roaring down the street.. my comp and i jumped out of the way on the sidewalk,(dont worry mom it didnt even come close) but then it smashed into the car in front of it, then went around it up onto the sidewalk,(still going about 50) until it ricocheted off a light post, then smashed into another car where it came to a stop in the middle of the road... we ran to see if the lady in the first car that got hit was ok,(She was) and then went to see about the second that got hit... the guy in the second car had his baby in the front seat in her car seat, but luckily they were both ok.. the guy was pretty mad though.. we stayed with his baby and he ran to the other car and started cussin em out... it was two stupid teenagers that im pretty sure were wasted... the driver had no clue what was going on... lol we realized that had we been running on the other sided of the street we wouldnt be here right now... but luckily the Lord protects his missionaries... but yeah everyone turned out unhurt just a lot of stuff got smashed and a lot of scared shaken people... lol
so this weeek the mission president changed the rules and now on p day we can go wherever we want,,(before we had to stay in our area) so today we went and lost ourselves in the deep jungle of the downtown Merida and the historic center..(we´re still here lost, we just happened to find an internet place) but no worries we´ll just take a taxi out... this place is so so cool cuz there are tons of ancient buildings and castles but also it's modern - there are outdoor malls markets music in the parks all kinds of crazy stuff! you guys would love mérida.. but also its crazy traffic.. both on the sidewalks and in the streets.. its just like new york city in that aspect no joke...(even though ive never been to new york) but i love it here!
oh also this Saturday Elder Benjamin de Hoyos (a seventy) is coming for zone conference!! so we´re pretty stoked about that! so that means this Saturday we have training with a seventy AND a baptism.. lol all those tihngs you told me about in the animal show at the Living Planet Aquarium in SLC are everyday things down here.. there are as many giant flying cockroaches here as there are birds.. it doesnt even scare me anymore i'm used to it... lol
but hey here is some good news... my comp and i have been having a really hard time getting up in the morning and we decided that its becuasse for dinner we always just eat junk food and nothing healthy.. so we made a pact that we will not eat anymore pizza or take out for dinner, that we are going to quit being lazy and cook dinner, but good things with vegetables lol.. that will give us more energy and also save us money! lol"
Elder Eddington

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