Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

November 30, 2010

Nov. 29, 2010

"hey guys, well this week has been pretty crazy with all the trips to the mission offices, etc. but we were still able to get some work done so that was good... we were able to find a new family.. its acutally just a couple.. their names are José and Yoli and they are older..(like in their 70s) but they acccepted the invitation to be baptized and came to church Sunday so that was pretty awesome! also there is this one convert named Andrea whos parents are REALLY SUPERDY DUPERY CATHOLIC::: anyways, it was her birthday on Sunday and so her parents asked her what she wanted and she said come to church with me, and they came!! so that was cool, condsidering that before they wouldn´t even let her go to church... we have been blessed with lots of investigators right now i just hope we have time to get to all of them! it has been so so so hot down here! i´m jealous of all of you at home with the snow!
That's about all for this week."

Elder Eddington

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