Elder Tim Eddington

Elder Tim Eddington
Serving in the Mexico Merida Mission

November 30, 2010

Nov. 11, 2010

"hey! well this week was pretty cool... we actually had kind of a difficult week with the work but we are excited for this week... i sprained my ankle Wednesday but today it was better and i played basketball with our ward.. that was way fun... but yeah elder Drussel is awesome... so chill and so much like me.. he played basket and football and baseball before the mish... he is so cool I’m so happy to get a comp with similar interests... but yeah we might change houses this week.. we found one in a WAY better location for WAY cheaper and its WAY bigger and WAY better.... so we´re probably gonna be changing... so that will be fun... obviously Mom, we have to get the move approved..... lol we took pix and sent them to the sec and if its tight then we change and they make up a contract... but yeah i learned this week that a lot of times the Lord doesn´t give us our blessings immediately for our work and obedience a lot of times he gives it in his time and his way... its always cool to see that way..

so it has gotten way way way cold here.(60 degrees) lol and so we had to go buy blankets at the mall, but they are so awesome!!! i will send pix

but yeah not much happened this week... ha ha the other night at four in the morning there was a drunk guy outside of our door screaming his head off..that was pretty funny ... also this morning downtown there was a drunk guy dancing in front of this rally fancy clothes store where they had music... it was quite possibly the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life...

in my package i just want some food but like better for christmas in December. the week of christmas everyone can just put some money in my account if they want to give me a gift and I’ll buy stuff i need here in downtown(cheap and there is tons of stuff) also faster and cheaper then sending a package..I could use some garments though – yes we can buy them here but the only day we can go is Monday and they are closed Monday plus they are all mesh or cotton and i hate both. lol! I like dri lux i think... but yeah that would be fine.. oh this week this guy in our ward gave us a bunch of ties he brought home from the mish.. it was cool!

Have a great week!"

Elder E

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